Social Work in Child and Youth Care (BA)

This course is offered only in German.

Course Outline

The general objective of the undergraduate Bachelor's degree programme is to enable professional social work activity - and in particular in the fields of Child and Youth Care - on the basis of scientific knowledge and methods.

Students are qualified for employment in out-patient, semi-residential and residential care institutions as well as in the area of open youth work and family support. Theoretical skills and the expertise to be able to take action are imparted, thus enabling graduates of the programme to work preventively and on an intervention level with the target groups. These include knowledge of methodological approaches in individual cases, groups and community-oriented work as well as specialist knowledge of the essential legal, regulatory and fiscal aspects of these career areas.

After completing the degree programme, graduates will also be able and entitled to take up employment in and with all other areas of social work activity and target groups. 
Over and above this, they will have the skills to develop action plans and implement them in practice.
They will be able to reflect upon their own professional actions both in theoretical terms and in accordance with the ethical principles of professional social work.

Course Management

Prof. Dr. phil. Mechthild Wolff

Subject Areas

Child and youth care
Implementation of child protection concepts in institutions
Children`s rights
Sexual abuse in institutions
Concepts of prevention


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