Social Work: Clinical Social Work (MA)

This course is offered only in German.

Course Outline

The consecutive, applied Master's degree programme in Social Work: Clinical Social Work has been established since the summer semester of 2013.

The aim is to specifically qualify students for professional activity in the context of a quickly expanding and at the same time increasingly important field of health-related social work. The emphasis is placed on the social dimension of health problem areas, which, embedded in a bio-psycho-social, salutogenic understanding of health and sickness, constitutes the third pillar in the professional support of clients alongside the expert fields of medicine and psychology.

Core Competencies

The MA training targets a (broadly defined) specialisation in a central competence area of social work and should ultimately lead to a higher qualification with a "clinical" rating.

In this context, the term "clinical" does not mean the location (in the sense of "clinic"), but the particular kind of help provided. It is about skills which, in direct interaction with clients, in the context of a specific, case-related activity, constitute an enhanced specialist expertise. Above all they include deeper social-therapeutic intervention, self-reflection and social competencies. 

This particular clinical expertise is needed in all areas of social work that are concerned with recognising and solving complex health-related psycho-social problems. This is, above all, the case in work with especially stressed, mentally ill, substance-dependent and/or chronically ill people and those with disabilities (children, young people, adults of all ages) and in the work with hard-to-reach clients (such as assistance for ex-offenders).

Alongside the core competencies mentioned, the development of a specific social-clinical professionalism includes imparting more in-depth skills in the field of applied clinical research, a particular aptitude for inter-professional communication and preparation for management functions in the context of social-clinical teams. All of the educational content is conveyed in a way that is as application-oriented as possible, with intensive practical relevance and a high proportion of self and practical reflection.

Course Management

Prof. Dr. phil. Johannes Lohner

Dean of Study
Study Advisor

Subject Areas

Clinical Social Work

Psycho-Social work and psychotherapy with antisocial clients
Psycho-Social work with suicide-prone detainees
Psycho-Social work with violent and sexual offenders
Psycho-Social work with mentally ill and addicted clients


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Prof. Dr. phil. Ralph Viehhauser

Subject Areas

Clinical Psychology
Clinical Social Work


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