The Faculty of Social Work is one of the first departments to have been set up when Landshut University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1978. Students particularly appreciate the manageable size of the Faculty and the resulting personal atmosphere.

Overall the Faculty offers places for more than 800 students.
 18 full-time professors, 5 full-time teachers for special assignments and a multitude of visiting lecturers from different areas of social work practice provide a comprehensive range of courses. Administratively, the Faculty is supported by the faculty secretariat and administration officers. The team is complemented by one practical experience coordinator.

The Faculty undertakes an intensive exchange of ideas and experiences with professional social workers. As part of project workshops from as early as their second semester students work in a multitude of fields and social institutions.

Particular importance is placed on a meaningful transfer of knowledge and competencies from university into social practice. Regular cooperations with independent, public and private social work providers see current research and development issues from professional practice being addressed in a scientific manner.

The international exchange of knowledge and ideas is also actively encouraged by the Faculty.
As part of their programme students may complete a stay abroad, either as an internship or a study semester. In addition to the regular English-language guest lectures that are offered, full-time lecturers also undertake study trips abroad with students.



Prof. Dr. jur.
Bettina Kühbeck
ROOM:  D0 41
PHONE:  +49 (0)871 506-471

Secretary to the Dean

Faculty administration officer

Manuela Weber
ROOM:  D0 42
PHONE:  +49 (0)871 - 506 450

Faculty administration officer

Andrea Räbiger
ROOM:  D0 40
PHONE:  +49 (0)871 - 506 456