Mechanical Engineering (BEng)

This course is offered only in German.

Course Outline

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The solutions of mechanical engineering are utilised in almost all areas of industry and engineering. As one of the leading and - in terms of revenue - strongest industrial sectors in Germany, mechanical engineering and plant construction is the most important engineering employer.

The course aims to qualify you through practical teaching to independently apply scientific knowledge and methods and prepare you for autonomous professional activity in the field of mechanical engineering. In view of the breadth and diversity of mechanical engineering, a comprehensive basic education is offered, so that you are able to quickly familiarise yourself with the varied fields of application and learn to devise and implement solutions to mechanical engineering problems.

Success as an engineer also demands business administration skills, the fundamentals of which are also taught. Over and above this, the education offered is rounded off by specialist foreign language tuition and the enhancement of your communication skills.

Subject Advisor

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hubert Klaus

Chairman of the Examination Committee of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Subject Areas

Strength of materials
Continuum mechanics
Lightweight Design Mechanics
Practical course in lightweight mechanics
Fundamentals of fatigue strength
Practical course FEM (Finite Elements Method)


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E-MAIL: hubert.klaus(at)

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