Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Engineering (MEng)

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Course Outline

The development process in the fields of vehicle construction (car, bus and commercial vehicles) and working machines (construction, agricultural and forestry vehicles) is characterised by ever shorter development cycles and constantly increasing cost and quality demands. The essential technical challenges are minimising the consumption of resources and energy as well as emissions in order to increase the sustainability of mobility concepts.

In addition to a comprehensive basic knowledge of engineering and physical interrelationships as conveyed by the Bachelor's degree in Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Engineering, in order to meet these challenges right from their first day at work graduates need a more in-depth knowledge of the technical interrelationships in the fields of drive technology (combustion engine drives and new drive technologies), chassis technology and assistance systems incl. the control interface. In this connection, simulation methods for the fields of functional design, geometric and ergonomic simulation play a large part.

As development activities today are mostly undertaken collaboratively with many suppliers, in addition, skills in the field of project management and supplier management are essential. The Master's programme in Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Engineering aims to impart this knowledge.

The Faculty's close cooperation with a wide variety of companies ensures continuous synchronisation with the current demands of the labour market.

The knowledge, skills and competences acquired in engineering and project management including supplier management qualify graduates for activity as technical specialists or managers specifically in the field of research and development of vehicles and working machines.

Course Management

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Strohe

Program Director Bachelor Automotive and Utility Vehicle Engineering
Program Director Master Automotive and Utility Vehicle Engineering

Subject Areas

NVH Behaviour of Vehicles
Motor Concepts
Fundamentals of Passenger Cars
Fundamentals of Car Body Technology
Car Body Calculation and Lightweight Design


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