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Course Outline

Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Engineering flyer

The motor vehicle industry is faced with a variety of challenges today. The application of novel technologies with the aim of minimising energy use during vehicle production and their subsequent operation, combined with the reduction of harmful emissions and the required environmental compatibility in the context of recyclability are all important development objectives.

The course takes this development into account and offers a comprehensive foundation for joining the profession of vehicle engineer. The high level of practical relevance that is particularly valued by industry is achieved through the range of different laboratory experiments. In addition, the course also offers a groundbreaking niche education in the field of commercial vehicles.

With this extensive basic knowledge, careers are open to you in development, construction and vehicle testing. The professional and multidisciplinary education offers, among other things, employment opportunities with automobile companies, suppliers, testing bodies and expert assessment services.

Course Management

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Strohe

Program Director Bachelor Automotive and Utility Vehicle Engineering
Program Director Master Automotive and Utility Vehicle Engineering

Subject Areas

NVH Behaviour of Vehicles
Motor Concepts
Fundamentals of Passenger Cars
Fundamentals of Car Body Technology
Car Body Calculation and Lightweight Design


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