The Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering is a recognised and highly regarded partner to science and industry. Students are helped to lay the foundations of their careers as reliable specialists and managers with domestic and international companies.

The knowledge that is imparted to them is geared to the value chain of a manufacturing company, from the development of products and the production to marketing, use and recycling.

The following courses can be pursued on a full-time basis, and as dual study programmes if desired:

  Bachelor Master
Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Additive Manufacturing - Materials, Engineering and Lightweight Design
Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Commercial Vehicle Engineering
Construction Engineering
Lightweight Design and Simulation
Mechanical Engineering
Simulation Based Engineering

Our aim is to offer the best possible quality in terms of both tuition and research. Students receive practical training and education in the scientific fundamentals. Alongside their specialist education, they are also encouraged to develop their personalities. Management methods, teamwork and process orientation play an important part in this regard. Especially talented and high-performing students are encouraged to pursue doctoral studies.

The Faculty meets the requirement for lifelong learning by offering executive and work-based programmes.

The manageable number of students and above all the excellent supervisory relationships between students, lecturers and the administration are some of the reasons why these objectives are achieved. Currently around 1,000 students are following courses in the Faculty; they are supervised by 24 professors, one teacher for special assignments, numerous visiting lecturers from industry and 20 other academic, technical and administrative members of staff.

We are a recognised and highly regarded partner for companies and research institutions. The striving for excellence in tuition and research is what sets the activities of our Faculty - at all working levels - apart.



Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Christian Koletzko
ROOM:  C2 21
PHONE:  +49 (0)871 - 506 216

Secretary to the Dean

Anita Kreitmeier
ROOM:  C2 22
PHONE:  +49 (0)871 - 506 217
FAX:  0871-506 506