General Studies

General Studies at Landshut University of Applied Sciences means

  • interdisciplinary learning in subjects that are relevant for all faculties,
  • acquiring additional skills,
  • realising creative ideas in exciting artistic, technical and entrepreneurial projects,
  • attending public events at Landshut University of Applied Sciences, such as the guest speaker lecture series, and contemplating and discussing the fundamental questions of our time.

Aims of General Studies

Landshut University of Applied Sciences considers that it is a university that provides interdisciplinary and lifelong learning. The teaching that it offers should primarily enable students to acquire specialist technical and professional skills. However over and above this they should also gain a grounding in social, reflective, process-related, entrepreneurial, systemic, digital, creative, intercultural and foreign language skills.

Interdisciplinarity is promoted above all by courses in which students from different faculties come together to work on topics and learn from one another through their differing specialist approaches.

Alongside the acquisition of purely technical knowledge, in a complex personal and professional environment characterised by constant change, it is enormously important for students to gain further skills and at the same time develop their own personalities. This is facilitated by the skills-oriented programmes within General Studies at our university.

Fields of competence

The General Studies courses are subdivided into the following fields of competence:

  1. personal social skills
  2. reflective competences
  3. methodological competences
  4. creative competences and commitment
  5. intercultural competences and foreign language skills


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