Engineering Pedagogy (BEng)

This course is offered only in German.

Course Outline

Flyer Engineering Pedagogy (BEng)

Engineering teachers are urgently needed by vocational schools. The "...dramatic shortage of students/teachers for the industrial/engineering subjects in vocational schools..." has become the starting point of the new Vocational Schoolteacher Initiative.

Over and above this, the economy in general also needs specifically trained engineers and graduates with qualifications in vocational pedagogy for the continuing training sector. 

Students follow a practical education based on scientific knowledge and methods that enables them the choice of a conventional engineering degree and a pedagogic orientation. 

In order to be able to join the teaching profession in vocational schools, after this degree programme, a university Master's degree in Vocational Education must be obtained, which, together with practical training, will permit graduates to take up teaching posts in vocational schools. Landshut University of Applied Sciences has a partnership in place with the TUM School of Education at the Technical University of Munich.

Graduates of this course will also be in a position to work as engineers. Furthermore, through the qualification in vocational pedagogy, it will also be possible for them to take up employment in the continuing training sector.

The course comprises three thematic blocks: Vocational specialisation (optionally electrical engineering and information technology or metals technology), vocational pedagogy/social sciences and a second teaching subject (optionally mathematics or physics).

  • Standard Course Duration: 7 semesters (of which one practical semester)
  • Academic Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)
  • Programme Format: Full-time
  • Acquisition of 210 ECTS points

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