Engineering and Management (BEng)

This course is offered only in German.

Course Outline

Flyer for the Engineering and Management programme

Companies are exposed to constant dynamism and complexity. These result, on the one hand, from technical progress, economic growth and social change. On the other hand, they are the outcome of the fact that economic stakeholders are increasingly seeking advantages in functional specialisation and the associated internal, industry-wide and international division of work.

To deal with this dynamism and complexity, companies constantly need well-educated specialists who facilitate integration by simultaneously taking into account the technical and economic requirements when building, using and adapting value creation structures.

To this end, the Bachelor's degree programme in Engineering and Management conveys an essential balance of specialist knowledge of engineering and business administration. Throughout the entire programme, special emphasis is given to integrating these two areas. Added to this is the development of generic skills and expertise such as team work and communication.

Particular focus is placed on practicality and applicability in every section of the course, so that upon completion, the students will immediately be employable. Preferred operational areas of employment are production planning and management, logistics, technical procurement and sales, quality management, marketing, controlling, research and development, and project management. The range of mandatory elective modules enables students to individually tailor their studies to their desired future career as an industrial engineer.

This programme may be followed on either a full time or part time basis.

Subject Advisor

Prof. Dr. Markus Schmitt

Member of Faculty Council
Programme Director and Student Advisor for Industrial Engineering,
International Industrial Engineering and
Automotive Industrial Engineering

Subject Areas

Business Administration and Economics
Technology and Innovation Management
General Management
Coporate and Business Strategy
International Business


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