Automotive Engineering and Management (BEng)

This course is offered only in German.

Course Outline

Flyer for the Automotive Engineering and Management programme

The scope of tasks in the automobile industry, which consists of manufacturers, suppliers and service providers, is as much economic in nature as it is technical. It includes:

  • The development and introduction to market of new technologies and mobility concepts (alternative propulsion systems - esp. electromobility, electronic systems, new materials and approaches to construction, and modern manufacturing concepts).
  • Internationalisation of value chains and opening up of international purchasing and sales markets.
  • Increased product diversity.
  • Extremely high and complex division of work between manufacturers, suppliers and service providers.
  • Positioning of one's own company vis à vis competitors from and in emerging markets.

Alongside a solid basic education in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and business administration, the programme in Automotive Engineering and Management also deals with the special requirements of the automotive industry. Graduates of this programme are therefore ideally qualified for a career in the motor vehicle industry and adjacent industries.

Subject Advisor

Prof. Dr. Markus Schmitt

Member of Faculty Council
Programme Director and Student Advisor for Industrial Engineering,
International Industrial Engineering and
Automotive Industrial Engineering

Subject Areas

Business Administration and Economics
Technology and Innovation Management
General Management
Coporate and Business Strategy
International Business


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