Computer Science (MSc)

This course is offered only in German.

Course Outline

The Master's degree in Computer Science requires a broad basic knowledge, readiness to engage in teamwork, and practical experience in the most important disciplines of computer science or information systems. This knowledge is consolidated in an applied manner and expanded to cover special areas of computer science and information systems.
The course has a strong engineering focus: mastering engineering and integrative methods when dealing with data processing issues is at the heart of this programme of study. Modern society depends on technical systems with a high level of information and communication, heterogeneous, dispersed components and complex, dynamic networking. Such systems require high quality development processes, and above all a connection between the worlds of engineering, computer science and business administration. Methods to enable a multi-system, interdisciplinary and holistic way of thinking and working are facilitated.

The course builds on a sophisticated study of computer science / information systems and delivers methods that enable a multi-system, holistic way of thinking and working.
The two focal areas of Applied Computer Science and Information Systems are offered by the Master's degree in Computer Science.

Applied Computer Science contains the four mandatory subjects of Methodology of Applied Sciences, Software Quality, Web Security and Mobile Computing.

Information Systems contains the four mandatory subjects of Methodology of Applied Sciences, Collaborative Business Process Management, IT Consulting and Corporate Knowledge Management.

Entry Requirements

An undergraduate degree in computer science encompassing 210 ECTS is required. The GPA must be at least "good".

The German language skills must be at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference.
 Decisions concerning the equivalence of international degrees will be made by the Examination Board.”

Course Management

Prof., PhD Andreas Siebert



Subject Areas

  • Human computer interaction
  • Image processing
  • Principles of computer science
  • Big Data


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