Computer Science (BSc)

This course is offered only in German.

Course Outline

Mastering engineering methods when dealing with data processing issues is at the heart of this course of study. The objective of the Bachelor's degree programme is to convey in-depth knowledge of IT systems in terms of their logical structure and functions. Computer Scientists should also be familiar with the most important techniques of software development at the different levels (from the user-oriented, problem-specific level to the machine-oriented, device-specific level), and with their use in system and application development, as well as DP organisation. Throughout the course, ample time is devoted to independent work on a variety of different types of computer. In addition, for solving problems with the help of IT, more in-depth knowledge from other disciplines (mathematics, statistics, numerical methods, physics, business administration) is generally required.

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Course Management

M.Sc. Thomas Franzke


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