Business Informatics (BSc)

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Course Outline

Business Informatics is the science of designing, developing, applying, (economically) operating and further developing information and communication systems in industrial companies and public administration. Through its interdisciplinarity, it has roots in economics, and particularly business administration, and in computer science. Within the context of our programme, computer science is however accorded a greater significance than business administration, as we are of the view that a solid, broadly-based computer science education is indispensable for the competitiveness and professional profile of our graduates. However the advantage of an interdisciplinary education also poses a challenge - that of being equally skilled in different fields. Nevertheless, Information Systems is not simply the sum of the two core areas of Computer Science and Business Administration; instead over the course of the past few years it has become an independent field.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Wunderlich


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