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At the present time, fourteen professors teach in our Faculty, together with one teacher for special assignments. Our range of programmes comprises the "traditional", technically-oriented Computer Science, Automotive Computer Science, Business Computing and Information Systems, and a course in Systems and Project Management. Our range of courses also includes the interdisciplinary Master's degree in Systems Engineering.

We cover all core subjects of Computer Science - software engineering, databases, operating systems, algorithms and internet technology. Other areas of emphasis include the fields of real-time systems, IT security, robotics, multimedia and IT management.

Our Master's programme offers specialisms in software engineering, information systems, and humans and systems. We place a great deal of importance on good, practically-oriented teaching and intensive support in small groups.

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science is the science of systematically processing information, and in particular automatic processing with the aid of computers. In accordance with the different focal areas, a distinction is made between theoretical, practical, technical and applied computer science. Theoretical, practical and technical computer science come under the heading of “core computer science".

Theoretical computer science is concerned, for example, with the theory of formal languages, automata theory, computability, complexity theory and semantics.

Applied computer science uses core computer science methods to examine processes in a wide range of areas with regard to their ability to be automated. Since, through the use of computers, working conditions, organisational forms and manufacturing processes can be heavily influenced or even redesigned, applied computer science also includes fields of research. 

Information systems, legal informatics and medical informatics are examples of sub-areas of applied computer science.

Orientation and mission of the Faculty of Computer Science

  • We offer our students a skilled, comprehensive and up-to-date education in Computer Science. We convey the basic concepts of Computer Science and offer a wide range of specialisations.
  • We place particular value on practising independently implementing projects in teams on the basis of engineering principles. We explain how computer science integrates with other subject areas and what the consequences of this are.



Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Peter Scholz
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Secretary to the Dean

Sabrina Huber
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Faculty administration officer

Bernadette Jochum
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