Human Resources Management (MA)

This course is offered only in German.

Course Outline

The objective of this Master's degree programme is the professionalisation of human resource management, in order to prepare graduates to take on a high-grade specialist / management position in the HR field.

Since the winter semester of 2010, three universities in the Greater Munich Area (GMA) - Augsburg, Landshut and Munich - have jointly offered a consecutive Master's degree in Human Resource Management, which is characterised by a strong scientific basis and high degree of practical relevance.

The content of the Master's programme covers the entire spectrum of human resource work. Operational subjects of human resource management are as much on the agenda as the strategic orientation of human resource work. The subjects of international human resources work and the teaching of methodological competencies such as mediation, coaching and consulting are also part of the curriculum.

Classes are delivered centrally every week from Monday to Thursday in Munich. The programme is limited to 30 students.

Standard Course Duration: 3 semesters
Academic Degree: Master of Arts (MA)
Programme Format: Full-time
Acquisition of 90 ECTS points
The programme is accredited by ACQUIN.


Prof. Dr. Valentina Speidel

Women's Representative

Program Director Master of Arts Human Resources Management

Subject Areas

General Business Administration
Fundamentals of Human Resources
Core Study Area and Competence Module
Human Resources
Methodological Competence
Ordinance on Aptitude of Instructors (for Bachelors)


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