We are the University of Excellence for interdisciplinary lifelong learning in engineering, business administration and social work. We offer our students an excellent, practical range of courses and an attractive study environment. In terms of our key research priorities, we are among the leading universities in Germany.

Strategic Principles

  1. Our study programmes are practically oriented, interdisciplinary, international and focused on lifelong learning. We place importance on high quality and enable our students to acquire subject-specific, social, procedural, systemic and entrepreneurial skills and expertise.

  2. Together with our students we create an attractive environment in which to study and work.

  3. Alumni are well informed about the activities of the university and actively involved in its development.

  4. In terms of applied research, in our key research priority areas we hold leading positions nationwide, and are well connected with companies, institutions, other universities and research institutes.

  5. Our international activities are clearly focussed and systematically developed.

  6. We work closely with industry and social institutions and consider ourselves to be reliable and experienced network managers.

  7. We are renowned in the region as a top-class location for academic training and further education as well as for applied research.

  8. Our management is characterised by transparency, competence and service orientation.

The university's strategy was adopted in 2012 after a strategy process lasting several months and examined and updated in 2014 in the course of a strategy day. As part of the strategic process, in 2011 and 2012 several workshops were held for the extended university management plus two strategy conferences, in which almost 90 percent of the professors and managers took part. Students and external parties were also involved in the process.

The strategy is examined and updated during annual strategy conferences.



Prof. Dr.
Fritz Pörnbacher
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