University Agreements on Objectives with the State Ministry

On 19 March 2014 the Bavarian Minister of State for Education and Culture, Science and the Arts, Dr. Ludwig Spaenle, and the President of Landshut University of Applied Sciences, Professor Dr. Karl Stoffel, signed the Agreement on Objectives for 2014-18. 

The basis for the Agreement on Objectives is the University Innovation Alliance 2018, which contains the basic agreements between the Bavarian State Government and the Universities until 2018.

The Agreement on Objectives 2009-13 was more than fulfilled as was the case with the first generation of the Agreement on Objectives to 2008.

The Agreements on Objectives are concerned with continuing to establish a profile for the University and ongoing structural development. The Agreement on Objectives consists of:

A. University policy targets for all universities

  1. Systematic quality improvement in tuition, especially with the aim of increasing the student success rate, whilst maintaining the performance level of graduates
  2. Efforts to safeguard good scientific practice
  3. Advancement of women, equality issues
  4. Internationalisation
  5. European research funding
  6. Participation in the establishment and development of integrated reporting
  7. Involvement in dialogue-oriented service process
  8. Knowledge and technology transfer
  9. Inclusive university
  10. Increase in efficiency in university management
  11. Cooperation between universities

B. Individual Objectives of Landshut University of Applied Sciences

1. Evolution into a University of Excellence for interdisciplinary and lifelong learning

a. Establishment of Landshut University of Applied Sciences as a University of Excellence for interdisciplinary and lifelong learning 

b. Setting up of new interdisciplinary study programmes 

c. Development of the area of executive education  

d. Increase in the number of professionally qualified students

2. Strengthening research activities and knowledge and technology transfer as well as reorganisation of the department dealing with business start-ups

a. Increase in research activities and third party revenues

b. Expansion of the Technology Centre Energy in Ruhstorf into the Lower Bavarian Energy Knowledge Transfer Centre
c. Successful expansion and operation of the Production and Logistics Systems Technology and Innovation Centre in Dingolfing 

d. Reorganisation and continuation of start-up consultancy

3. Intensification and expansion of internationalisation

a.    Increase in the number of incoming students through expansion of English-language courses

b.    Increase in the number of outgoing students

c.    Strengthening of lecturer mobility

d.    Development of the Double Degree programmes

e.    Establishment and development of the university's Dual International degree programmes

If the objectives are achieved, the Ministry of State will make available resources from the Innovation Fund for the years 2014-18 amounting to
 706,250 euros.