Exchange Programme

Student halls of residence

If desired, all students are accommodated in the halls of residence provided by the Lower Bavaria/Upper Palatinate student welfare service. 

More detailed information on fittings and fixtures is available here.

Please note that all rooms have free internet access via network cable. Wireless internet is not available.

Documents required for the exchange programme

Documents required for the application

  • Application form
  • Transcript of Records in English (all obtained so far)
  • German or English CV
  • Proof of language proficiency over level B2 (English and/or German)

Documents required for enrolment

  • Proof of German health insurance
  • Proof of language skills (B2 English or German)
  • Receipt for payment of student welfare service fee (€72.00)
  • 2 passport photographs 

Please send these to us by post prior to your departure. When we have all of the necessary documents, we will arrange for your enrolment. 

If you have questions regarding the recognition of qualifications and performance records obtained by you at our university, then please contact the faculty at your home university. 

Documents required for the municipal residents' registration office

  • Passport (non-EU students) or personal identity card (EU students)
  • Student identity card or certificate of enrolment
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Tenancy agreement
  • If internship is to follow: 6 month certificate (required for issuing an income tax card)

Documents required for the immigration authorities (only applies to non-EU students) 

  • Application for issuing of a residence permit
  • Passport (original + copy)
  • Biometric photo
  • Student identity card / certificate of enrolment
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Proof of means of subsistence (blocked account, scholarship/grant etc.)

Please note that for a residence permit of up to one year, fees amounting to €100 are payable.
All participants in the "Welcome Weeks" will complete the necessary formalities with the authorities with the assistance of the International Office. 

Documents required for visits to the doctor 

EU students:

  • European Health Insurance Card

Non-EU students:

  • German health insurance: insurance card will suffice

Foreign health insurance for Germany: check with the relevant insurance company regarding the formalities


Applying for the exchange programme

Application Dates

Summer semester 15.10. - 15.12.
Winter semester   15.04. - 15.06.

Application Process

Please first contact the International Office at your university and request nomination for the Landshut University of Applied Sciences.
You will receive the necessary forms from your university for applying to Landshut University of Applied Sciences as well as for a room in the student halls of residence.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us directly.

Please comply with the deadlines given for returning your documentation and please send them both by email and by post.

Fees per semester

In general, no tuition fees are payable in Germany. You will only need to pay a student welfare service fee of €72.00, which entitles you to free bus travel within the municipal area.

However, tuition fees are payable for a few degree programmes. More information on this can be found in the details on the relevant courses.

Visa and residence permit

Difference between a visa and a residence permit

A visa is a permit that allows you to enter Germany.
It is issued by German embassies and consulates all over the world. Anyone who intends to stay in Germany for longer than three months in order to study or work must apply for the correct visa. The type of visa always depends on the purpose of the stay (student visa §16). 

A residence permit is a permit allowing you to stay in Germany for a particular purpose. This permit is issued by the local immigration authorities and must be applied for within three months of arrival.
An extension to the residence permit should be applied for at least one month before it expires.
If the purpose of the stay or place of residence in Germany changes, then a change to the residence permit must also be applied for. 

Visa procedures for international students

When you have received your admission letter from the University of Applied Sciences Landshut, then you may apply to the relevant German embassy for a student visa. 

USA: For citizens of the United States of America (including the American Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and Puerto Rico) there is no visa requirement for entry to Germany. After entering the country without a visa you must apply for a residence permit from the immigration authorities in Landshut.

China: Citizens of the People's Republic of China require a visa to enter Germany. Holders of SAR passports (passports issued by the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau) are exempt from the visa requirement.

For more detailed information on other countries, please contact your relevant local consulate. You are strongly advised not to apply for a tourist visa! 

Documents that are usually required:

  • valid passport
  • admission letter
  • proof of travel medical insurance
  • proof of means of subsistence (blocked account, scholarship/grant etc.)
  • possibly proof of knowledge of the German language

Please contact the relevant German embassy local to your place of residence for more information on the precise visa application process. 

Registration with the immigration authorities in Landshut must take place immediately upon arrival. The International Office will be pleased to be of assistance.

Welcome culture

Orientation Weeks

What are known as the Welcome Weeks take place two to three weeks before the official start of the semester. During this time you will be given general information about living and studying in Landshut. 

You will have the opportunity to get to know the campus and your fellow students, and to discover the historic town of Landshut and its lovely surroundings in the best part of Bavaria. In addition, we will also help you with your dealings with the authorities, opening a bank account and much more. 

After the introduction period, the cultural programme organised by the International Office also offers regular excursions and cultural evenings about different countries in which you can participate.


Planned activities during the Welcome Weeks

  • Welcome from the university management
  • Tour of the campus
  • Guided tour of the library plus registration
  • Registration at the registry office for the town of Landshut
  • Information event regarding your course selection
  • Welcome party
  • German course for beginners
  • Guided tour of the town of Landshut
  • Excursions in the region (guided tour of Munich, Neuschwanstein Castle, German Museum or BMW World, etc.)
  • Opening of bank accountsInformation event for SB Portal registration and course selection
  • Buddy get-togethers



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