Learning Agreement for Recognition

Please fill out the so-called Learning Agreement before your stay abroad.

There are two different versions of this form:

With this document and the module descriptions, you will then go to the responsible international coordinator of your faculty or country/region. The international faculty coordinator will decide (if necessary after consultation with the examination board or relevant colleagues) whether the modules are to be credited and will either sign the Learning Agreement himself/herself or forward it to the examination board for signing.

Please hand in the signed Learning Agreement to the International Office. The IO forwards it to the partner university together with your application documents.

Applications for other universities (without an agreement with the Landshut University of Applied Sciences) are to be forwarded by yourself in accordance with the application steps and the stated deadline specified by the university.

Please note that if you change your course choice at the partner university, the Learning Agreement must be adapted again. Please use the second section "During the Mobility" and discuss the changes again with your international faculty officer to ensure recognition. Please forward the changes to the International Office.