Recognition of Examination Results

Do you want to study at a particular foreign university and obtain credits that will be recognised for your degree programme?

Please note that the recognition (as well as the application and scholarship awarding) is done via Mobility ONLINE.

Even during and after your stay abroad, you can obtain all the necessary documents for recognition in the system and upload them completed.

If for some reason you have NOT applied for a stay abroad via Mobility ONLINE, please proceed as follows:

Before your stay abroad (please implement in Mobility ONLINE):

  • For general information, please contact the International Office
  • Find out which modules are offered at the foreign university via the Internet using our respective Info Sheets
  • Arrange a so-called Learning Agreement with the respective international faculty coordinator
  • For ET/WI students: in addition to the Learning Agreement, fill out the so-called Step by Step Guide and coordinate these documents with the international faculty coordinator.

During your stay abroad (please implement in Mobility ONLINE):

  • Adjust your Learning Agreement to ensure recognition when courses are changed
  • Contact your international faculty coordinator and submit the modified LA to the International Office during your stay

After your stay abroad (please implement in Mobility ONLINE):

  • Use the form Recognition of examinations to have the courses agreed in the Learning Agreement officially recognised by the examination board
  • If necessary, please contact our Recognition Office (zeugnisanerkennung(at) for the conversion of grades.
  • Submit the following documents to the International Office:
    • Request for recognition
    • Signed Learning Agreement
    • For ET/WI: Step by Step Guide
    • Confirmation of grades from the university / college abroad
  • The IO checks and passes on the documents to the SSZ and the examination board for recognition.