Insurance Coverage Abroad/ Information on Arrival


Visa for ERASMUS+ internships in the United Kingdom

All Erasmus+ participants coming to the UK on a traineeship or as a volunteer through European Voluntary Service (EVS) must have a visa under T5, Temporary Worker, Government Authorised Exchange under the UK Visas and Immigration points-based system in order to take up their Erasmus+ placement/opportunity in the UK.


International insurance and entry

Private (supplementary) insurance abroad - what you should consider when choosing your insurance:

There are numerous providers for supplementary foreign insurance, health insurance abroad, special foreign insurance for students on a semester abroad or internship abroad.

The fees are often very different. They also vary from insurance company to insurance company with the duration of the contract and the age of the policyholder.

Almost always, the policy states that outpatient treatment by a doctor, medically prescribed medication, painkilling dental treatment, medically prescribed aids after an accident, etc. will be covered. Nevertheless, the differences in the small print are very great. In addition to the advertised contractual benefits, everyone should also inform themselves about the benefit limits and exclusions.

DAAD Insurance for Germans Abroad

Interns, students, academics and their life partners and children of members of German universities who

  • are doing an internship abroad or
  • are studying or doing a doctorate abroad or
  • are teaching or researching abroad


  • receive funding from DAAD programmes (e.g. PROMOS), or
  • receive funding from European Union programmes (e.g. Erasmus+), or
  • are placed and supervised by a member university or partner organisation of the DAAD.

have the opportunity to participate in a group insurance policy at very favourable conditions, which includes health insurance, private liability and accident insurance and covers benefits that are often excluded by private insurance policies. More information here.




Please note

  • Students are responsible for applying for their own visa.
  • In any case, apply for a student visa. Do not enter the host country on a tourist visa!
  • Students who are not citizens of an EU country and who have a residence permit in Germany for the purpose of studying may not need to apply for a visa in the host country if that country has implemented EU Directive 801 of May 2016. More information here.
  • Students who are not citizens of an EU country may have to extend their student visa in Germany in addition to the student visa in the host country so that it is still valid at least until their return to Germany. The return must take place within 6 months, otherwise a re-entry permit must also be applied for in advance.
  • After arrival in the host country, certain registration formalities usually have to be observed, most of which also affect EU citizens in EU countries (e.g. registration of residence, application for a residence permit). Information on this can be obtained from the host universities.

Please inform yourself about current entry regulations for the respective host country directly at the Federal Foreign Office.

Please inform yourself about visa regulations of the host country here.


Please find enclosed current information due to the Brexit and the changes in visa regulations for the United Kingdom:

For interns, a Temporary Worker-Government Authorised Exchange visa (T5) is required under the Erasmus+ programme for a stay in the UK. In order to apply for such a visa, participants must have a Certificate of Sponsorship, which is issued by the British Council for Erasmus+.

The Certificate of sponsorship is a reference number containing information about the post and the participant's personal details and is valid for three months from the date of issue.

The application for the reference number is to be made to the British Council by the sending HEI and not by the individual sponsor. The procedure for applying for the Certificate of Sponsorship is set out on this website.

The visa application can be completed online after presenting the reference number from the Certificate of Sponsorship and costs 244 British pounds (German citizens receive a discount of 55 British pounds).

Those with a visa must also pay an Immigration Health Surcharge for access to the NHS, the public health service. For students, the fee is 470 British pounds per year.

In the Tier5 (GAE) category, there is no minimum salary requirement. However, it is also regulated that students have to prove their living expenses through the Erasmus+ funding and/or the internship salary and are not allowed to apply for public benefits.