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IT security in the cloud
Landshut University of Applied Sciences is organizing “entrepreneurial talks” with two high-calibre speakers at the learning centre in Hauzenberg
Industry trends of the future at IntraSmart 2019
The trade show and congress for intralogistics at Landshut University of Applied Sciences’ TZ Puls enjoys increased interest
Agreements on Objectives
University Agreements on Objectives with the State Ministry On 19 March 2014 the Bavarian Minister of State for Education and Culture, Science and the Arts, Dr. Ludwig Spaenle, and the President of…
Study and gain practical experience at the same time
Students of Landshut University of Applied Sciences get started with dual programme
Landshut University of Applied Sciences is conducting research on batteries of the next generation
Landshut University of Applied Sciences is developing new materials and battery technologies which should make electromobility cheaper and safer
"This helps us find every defect”
Landshut University of Applied Sciences has put a new x-ray microscope into operation that makes it possible to analyse defects in the micrometre range - also available for businesses to use.
Borderless cooperation on the subject of energy
Landshut University of Applied Sciences and the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria have developed a transnational platform for battery research and in so doing initiated a research and…
Reducing energy consumption by means of digital energy use
Landshut University of Applied Sciences is working on a management system intended to help companies and regions increase their energy efficiency and save energy costs
“We must improve the conditions of study for the deaf”
Landshut University of Applied Sciences has researched the situation for deaf students in Bavaria. The finding was that the necessary support is often lacking.
One degree, many opportunities
The first students of Engineering Pedagogy at Landshut University of Applied Sciences are commencing their professional careers
International Activities
As part of their studies in the Faculty of Computer Science, all students have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad. As a rule an exchange semester is organised between the 3rd and 7th…
Virtual project spaces for a new form of collaboration
New research project at Landshut University of Applied Sciences aims to facilitate working together within the automotive industry with the help of an interactive collaboration platform
CHE University Ranking: Outstanding degree courses at Landshut University of Applied Sciences
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology plus Mechanical Engineering given top rating
Research Our research activities are geared to the two main subject areas of: Automotive Social Change and Cohesion Research which are also represented in the current HRK (German Rectors'…
HRK Research Map
German Rectors' Conference Research Map Research in Germany: Landshut included in the research map of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) with two key research priorities in the fields of Automotive…
Publications Research Gate Peer-Reviewed / Journal publications: C.D. Ummenhofer, G. Heyer, T. Roediger, J. Olsen, J. Page: Improved system control logic for an MCHP system incorporating…
New Powertrain System for Electric Vehicles
Landshut University of Applied Sciences and Silver Atena are developing an electric motor with integrated power electronics, that is light and cost-effective to manufacture - project commenced on 1…
Interests / Courses
Interests / Courses Courses Taught:     Fluid Mechanics     Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer     Advanced Heat Transfer     Fluid…
ALTP Heat Flux Sensor
ALTP Heat Flux Sensor (Further information and publications can be downloaded here) The Atomic Layer Thermopile (ALTP) represents a new surface measurement technique that advances studies of heat…
Affiliated Institutes
Affiliated Institutes Affiliated institutes are research facilities that are legally and organisationally independent. They are affiliated with a university and cooperate extremely closely with it.…
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