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Cluster for Microsystems Technology
From Lower Bavaria, the Cluster for Microsystems Technology is presented to the public across regional borders.  The support of specialist journals and associations assists in this.  The…
The Cluster for Lightweight Design is a network of companies, research institutions and service providers that supports and fosters cross-sectoral cooperation in lightweight design…
Commercial Vehicle Engineering BEng
This course is offered only in German.
Computer Science
Profile At the present time, fourteen professors teach in our Faculty, together with one teacher for special assignments. Our range of programmes comprises the "traditional",…
Computer Science
Study Project Lecturer Prof. Dr. Markus Böhm ECTS 4 Semester Winter and Summer Semester Admission Requirements -- Format On Campus Objectives Students are motivated to work scientifically and…
Computer Science BSc
Computer Science (BSc) This course is offered only in German. Mastering engineering methods when dealing with data processing issues is at the heart of this course of study. The objective of the…
Computer Science MSc
An undergraduate degree in computer science encompassing 210 ECTS is required. The GPA must be at least "good".
 The German language skills must be at level C1 of the Common European…
Construction Engineering BEng
This course is offered only in German.
Contact HOCHSCHULE LANDSHUT University of Applied Sciences Am Lurzenhof 1 
84036 Landshut
, Germany Phone +49 (0)871 - 506 0
 Fax +49 (0)871 - 506 506
Contact For questions regarding the nomination or application process please contact Ms. Grüner. Landshut University of Applied Sciences Ana-Maria Grüner Am Lurzenhof 1 Room: N0 01 84036 Landshut,…
Conversion of Grades
Conversion of grades for examinations taken abroad The evaluation of exams taken at a foreign university is generally carried out according to the rules of the Conference of the Kultusministerium /…
Cooperating partners and companies
Sample training contracts are available HERE. A cooperation agreement is also concluded between the company and Landshut University of Applied Sciences. The following documents are for your…
Most corona restrictions will be lifted in Bavaria on April 3rd. The universities are now being asked to define their own hygiene protection measures. We would now like to inform you about the most…
Cost-effective energy storage for the world
Landshut University of Applied Sciences is the winner of the BMBF "Weltspeicher" innovation competition – research on inexpensive and environmentally friendly batteries for global household use …
Information for Foreign Students We welcome you to our website of the Faculty of Business Administration. Every year, we welcome 30 international students to our faculty. Would you like to study…
Courses Modular Studies List of available modules for Modular Studies
Courses Modular Studies The Faculty offers the following modules from the Bachelor's degree in Computer Science on the Modular Studies programme: IB010 Basic Principles of Computer Science IB020…
Courses Information for Foreign Students A very warm welcome to the website of the faculty of Social Work. Please find here the link to our Englisch-Language Moduls on demand.
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