Key Research Priority - Energy storage

The key research priority of Energy storage brings together

  • the development, appraisal and quantifying of methods and systems of decentralised, resource-efficient energy supply
  • combining these methods and systems of needs-based energy supply to small units e.g. single-family dwellings and small business establishments
  • integrating these units into the electricity distribution networks
  • researching, testing and comparing energy storage systems
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Centre of Excellence
  • creation and further development of municipal energy concepts
  • development of skills in the region in respect of the energy revolution

Strengthening of the research profile of Landshut University of Applied Sciences with regard to the research priority of Energy Supply:

  • utilisation of the energy generated and integration in the existing networks
  • storage of the energy generated:  electrical (using batteries) and chemical (via fuels)
  • generation of energy through decentralised systems

The activities are currently concentrated and executed in two institutions:
the Technology Centre for Energy
and the Institute for Systematic Energy Consulting (ISE)


Technology Centre for Energy
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