Key Research Priority - Electronics and System Integration

Intelligent electronic and sensory systems are widely used in industrial and consumer products. They independently capture data, evaluate it and use it to identify actions that need to be taken. The focus of the research priority of Electronics and System Integration is on these miniaturised electronic systems, their individual components and their structural design and assembly technologies. Primarily, the essential system components - sensors, data processing, energy management, actuating elements, power electronics, and communication - are assembled to form a complete system using hybrid technology on ceramic substrates.
The research activities comprise third-party funded projects and development work on behalf of industrial partners with the possibility of sample and small series production in the university's own laboratories. A major concern is strengthening the connection between applied research and teaching at the university.

Areas of applied research:

  • sensor technology,
  • optical / micro-optical systems,
  • structural design and assembly technologies,
  • system integration and packaging,
  • modules for power electronics,
  • bus and communications systems,
  • embedded systems,
  • automotive electronics and software,
  • measurement and testing technology,
  • image processing.

Network partners:

The professors involved in the priority research area of Electronics and System Integration work closely with the Microsystems Technology Cluster. This cluster, which is operated by Landshut University of Applied Sciences, brings together 70 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) primarily from the region as members. Cooperating with these partners promotes economic development and supports the SMEs in developing innovative products. R&D activities take place in the form of joint research projects, which are funded by a variety of state, federal and European programmes.


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