Together we manufacture the future

The main drivers of innovative production logistics are digitalisation and automation, especially in terms of Industry 4.0. The fourth industrial revolution does not only bring drastic changes, but also an enormous potential, which needs to be researched and applied.

Since April 2016, four professors and their staff work, teach and research at the branch of Landshut University of Applied Sciences. The focus is especially on the topics Intelligent Production Logistics, Lean Management & Digitisation, and Industry 4.0. Our goal is to strengthen the longterm competitiveness of the region through joint research with industry and the transfer of knowledge of innovations and best practices from production and logistics.

The key element of the TZ PULS is a 900 m² learning and demonstration factory, which represents a unique selling point in the German university landscape. In guided tours, innovative technologies and intelligent production and logistics systems can be seen in action in a fully integrated factory. Furthermore, an insight into the topic of Lean Production / Lean Logistics is given and it is demonstrated, how efficient processes are planned and implemented. Together with the 300 m² project area and modern production logistics equipment, the model factory forms the ideal infrastructure as a central location for research, demonstration, events and further education. In addition to the operation of the model factory, two master's degree programs take place at TZ PULS.


Research Director

Prof. Dr. rer. pol.
Markus Schneider
PHONE:  0871-506 8340


Bräuhausgasse 33 84130 Dingolfing
PHONE:  +49 (0) 87 1 / 506 8300