Over the past two years the town of Dingolfing and Landshut University of Applied Sciences have planned and constructed the Technology Centre for Production and Logistics Systems (TZ PULS) in Dingolfing with the close involvement of industrial partners from the region. The centre will enrich the educational and research landscape in Lower Bavaria and beyond, and facilitate closer networking with industrial companies in the region. Educational programmes for expanding knowledge and the establishment and development of applied research activities in the field of production and logistics systems will take centre stage. 

In future, four professors together with their staff will teach, research and work at this new satellite site of Landshut University of Applied Sciences. A model factory is operated at the site and two Master's degree courses are based there. 

With this key research priority of Production and Logistics Systems the university will enhance the innovative strength of the Lower Bavarian region to lasting effect. 

The PULS Technology Centre at the University of Applied Sciences Landshut in Dingolfing will benefit from the close relationship between science and industry - and itself be a significant part of this relationship: a best-practice centre for industry and science. Beyond the participating partners, all production companies in the region should be able to access the results of the research through conferences, exhibitions and publications as well as benefiting from a broad range of educational and training programmes.



Bräuhausgasse 33 84130 Dingolfing
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Research Director

Prof. Dr. rer. pol.
Markus Schneider
PHONE:  0871-506 8340