Experts for Energy

The Energy Revolution is turning to wind and water, sun and biomass as sources of energy. For the changeover to succeed, the energy system needs to fundamentally change. The Energy Technology Centre at Landshut University of Applied Sciences is working on new technologies.

By 2050, the intention is that 80 per cent of the energy used in Germany will come from renewable sources. This means that energy will not be continuously generated, but instead only whenever the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. The energy grid needs to be able to mitigate the impact of these irregularities. For this to succeed, we need - in an efficient and environmentally-friendly manner - to be able to save, transport and transform the energy that is generated, for example from electrical power to gas or heat - depending on what is currently being consumed.

The Energy Technology Centre combines the expertise of Landshut University of Applied Sciences in energy research. In Ruhstof an der Rott we are developing the technical solutions for the future of energy. Our researchers are working on energy storage, intelligent energy grids, energy efficiency and energy systems. We are investigating how these components can best interact and demonstrating how they might be utilised in practice.


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