Technology Centres

Technology centres are central institutions of the Landshut university that are based off the university campus and which have specific machinery and equipment for specific areas of interest. Professors and other members of the university are involved in a multitude of different research projects that are conducted there. In addition they also have roles in the internal institutes and university clusters, in which they manage a network of interested companies and offer a variety of events aimed at facilitating the transfer of knowledge and technology. 

The Technology Centre for Energy (TZE) in Ruhstorf an der Rott is a research institute based close to the German-Austrian border. Many core aspects of the subject of Energy, one of the university's key research priorities, are covered here. Landshut University of Applied Sciences is developing the TZE as a centre of excellence for energy storage systems.

The Technology Centre for Production and Logistics Systems (TZ PULS) was opened in April 2016 in Dingolfing. The town of Dingolfing erected a building in accordance with the specifications of Landshut University of Applied Sciences at a cost of €11.5 million, which, in addition to offices for over 25 members of the university, and lecture theatres, also houses a model factory of over 900 square metres. This model factory contains state-of-the-art machinery and plant supplied by various factory outfitters to the value of €1 million.