Technology-Based Cooperation

The transfer of technology is managed by the Institute of Technology Transfer (ITZ), which is the central point of contact for the many different types of collaboration available within the framework of technology transfer at Landshut University of Applied Sciences. 
Technology-oriented enterprises in particular may benefit from collaborating with the university through the access this gives them to up-to-the-minute scientific knowledge that has a high degree of practical knowledge and relevance. 

Through the involvement of highly qualified professors, doctoral candidates and employees, the ITZ supports businesses on an inter-university, cross-faculty basis. They can derive significant benefits in many different ways from cooperating with Landshut University of Applied Sciences, including: 

  • solution-oriented collaboration through specialist cooperation and use of high quality technical laboratory facilities
  • joint development of technical innovations: from the idea to the product 
  • analysis and realisation of optimisation potential
  • drawing up of reports and advice
  • financial support for joint projects
  • exchanging of expertise in the networks of excellence
  • exploitation of a multitude of industrial contacts



Marc Bicker

Marc Bicker
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