Research at the Competence Center of Lightweight Design

 At the LLK, both publicly funded research projects and research and development contracts with various partners from the industry are carried out. Through the establishment of the research focus on lightweight construction, it was possible to expand the laboratory equipment of the LLK and create further positions for scientific staff. This has resulted in a considerable increase in expertise, particularly in the areas of cyclic damage, fatigue strength and fracture mechanics, materials characterization and modeling, materials testing, and adhesive bonding and composite technology. Through close cooperation with the lightweight construction cluster, contact has been established with numerous lightweight construction-oriented companies. The LLK maintains intensive partnerships with several universities, among other things also with regard to cooperative doctorates.

In the area of additive manufacturing, the various machines and 3D printing manufacturing technologies available in the laboratory are used in the course of bachelor's and master's theses to experimentally investigate material characteristics of a wide variety of 3D printing materials and to determine process- and machine-dependent gap dimensions and other parameters.

Furthermore, investigations are carried out in the conversion of scan data into 3D volume geometries.


PhD Projects