Overview of Services at the Competence Center of Lightweight Design

Material, component and structural investigations

Static material and component investigations up to max. 160 kN and 360 °C

Tension, compression, shear, bending, crack toughness, stability, 3D displacement field measurement (image correlation), strain fields on component surface (image correlation, strain gage)

Dynamic material, component and structural investigation up to max. 160 kN and 360 °C

Material stress curves (stress and strain controlled), component stress curves (stress and strain controlled), multi-stage stresses, system identification, post-processing tests, multi-axial stresses

Fatigue tests

LCF, HCF, stable crack propagation

Damage analysis

Stress analysis (numerical and experimentally), fatigue life analysis, fracture mechanics investigations, damage assessments

Analysis of lightweight structures

structural designs, integral / differential designs, composite designs, mixed designs

Material modeling

(e.g. cellular materials, composites) material characterization, rheological substitute models, material laws for FEM, vibration and damping behavior of components and structures (free and forced vibrations), dynamic stresses (fatigue strength)

Additive manufacturing

With the facilities of the additive manufacturing laboratory, it is possible to perform the entire process of reverse engineering, from scanning, data processing, to 3D printing.

Production of 3D printed parts using various 3D printing technologies


Presence of different scanning technologies

- photogrammetry, laser scanner