Affiliated Institutes

Affiliated institutes are research facilities that are legally and organisationally independent. They are affiliated with a university and cooperate extremely closely with it. The close intermeshing of the university, institute and industrial companies produces advantages for all participants. Under the banner of the university, the affiliated institute has the opportunity to flexibly undertake research and development for external partners whose expertise also benefits the university. For students of the university, there are opportunities for challenging activities in the affiliated institute's specialist field. 

November 2012 saw the creation of the first affiliated institute at Landshut University of Applied Sciences with the „Institut for Systematic Energy Consulting at the University of Applied Sciences Landshut“ (ISE for short). The founder, Professor Dr. Petra Denk, holds the professorship for Energy Management and Business Administration in the Faculty of Electrical and Industrial Engineering and devises both energy and climate protection concepts for local authorities as well as energy concepts for companies. 

The second affiliated institute at the University of Applied Sciences Landshut was established in January 2013 with the founding of the „Institut for Applied Commercial Vehicle Research and Exhaust Gas Analytics (BELICON GmbH)“. The founder, Professor Dr. Ralph Pütz, holds the professorship in Commercial Vehicle Technology, Drive and Transmission Technology and, in particular, in the field of sustainable mobility conducts research in to improving the emissions in real operation of commercial vehicles and mobile work machines as well as into constructive system approaches to electromobility in public passenger transport and distribution. 

In combination with the development of the TZ PULS Technology Centre, Professor Dr. Roeren, Professor Dr. Schneider, Professor Dr. Röh and Professor Dr. Meißner founded Technologiezentrum Dingolfing GmbH (Dingolfing Technology Centre), which carries out consulting work and carries out projects relating to the topic of production and logistics systems.