The Cluster for Microsystems Technology

The Cluster for Microsystems Technology acts as a common platform for the exchange of expertise and cooperation between universities and research institutions, manufacturers and users from the varied fields of microsystems technology. The objective of the Cluster for Microsystems Technology is to integrate industry and research more closely and enhance the competitiveness and innovative strength of its partners through interdisciplinary cooperation. 

As an institution of Landshut University of Applied Sciences, the Cluster for Microsystems Technology is independent and thus available as a neutral point of contact for all technical fields in microsystems technology. With its team, the Cluster supports companies in jointly developing new and innovative materials, processes and products. This takes place with the heavy involvement of the know-how and valuable scientific potential of Landshut University of Applied Sciences, its professors and especially of the key research priority of Electronics and System Integration.

Companies, universities and research institutions are all members of the cluster. These include OEMs as well as suppliers and SMEs with innovative products and diverse technical know-how. The range of sectors from which the partners come is as broad as the range of fields in which microsystems technologies are utilised. Almost two thirds are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

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Focal topics in the Cluster for Microsystems Technology

The areas on which the network focuses are determined in accordance with the trends and developments in microsystems technology. The needs of the partners in the cluster are accorded particular attention. 

Technologies and areas of competence in the cluster include:

Technologies and areas of competence in the cluster include:

  • Integrated Circuit Packaging (ICP) 
    Contact: Professor Artem Ivanov
  • Intelligent Sensor Technology (IST)

    Contact: Professor Christian Faber
  • Embedded Systems (ES)
    Contact: Professor Mathias Rausch
  • Communication Technology (CT) 
    Contact: Prof. Dr. Guido Dietl
  • Power Electronics (PE)
    Contact: Prof. Dr. Alexander Kleimaier
  • Automotive Computer Science/Electrical Systems (ES)
    Contact: Prof. Dr. Dieter Nazareth

Areas of Activity in the Cluster for Microsystems Technology

The organisational team of the Cluster for Microsystems Technology supports its partners in the following four areas: information and communication, training, cooperation, and marketing / PR.

Marketing / PR – Showcasing Microsystems Technology Expertise!

From Lower Bavaria, the Cluster for Microsystems Technology is presented to the public across regional borders.  The support of specialist journals and associations assists in this. 

The expertise of the partners is also highlighted through joint presentations at exhibitions and specialist trade fairs.

Cooperation - Stronger Together!

Mutual benefits can be achieved by pooling the expertise of partners in the Microsystems Technology Cluster. Cooperations produce synergy effects in different areas and lead to an increase in productivity. These synergy effects can be used across sectors. 

As the lead organisation in the Cluster for Microsystems Technology, and as an independent institution, Landshut University of Applied Sciences manages and coordinates the initiation of collaborations and offers support in the implementation of ongoing cooperations between the partners. It assists in the initiation, organisation and implementation of research projects. 

Training - A Competitive Edge Through Knowledge!

Lifelong learning is a major factor in this day and age. The capacity for innovation is highly dependent on the availability of essential knowledge and manufacturing resources on the different operational levels. In this regard, education and training help secure the economic competitiveness and enhance the innovative strength of companies. 

Through regular events on current topics the cluster partners are able to enhance their expertise and have their knowledge in the field of microsystems technology brought right up to date. Specialist events and learning platforms stimulate the transfer of know-how and offer the ideal opportunity to initiate new business contacts.

Example of this include:

  • Landshut Symposium for Microsystems Technology
  • cooperation forum for partners in the cluster
  • seminars, workshops
  • cooperation events with other clusters.

Information and Communication – A Competitive Edge Through Information!

The possibilities of information and communication technologies are of great importance in a network. For example, they make the performance capabilities of a region clear. Furthermore, they provide support when it comes to making contacts between companies and institutions. The role of the MST organisation team includes disseminating and consolidating specialist information.

In more detail this includes:

  • the Microsystems Technology Cluster website
  • mailshots with microsystems technology and partner news
  • a database with partner profiles and contact addresses
  • conferences


Technical and Scientific Director

Prof. Dr. paed.
Artem Ivanov
ROOM:  C2 12
PHONE:  +49 (0)871 - 506 266

Commercial and Organisational Director

Marc Bicker

Marc Bicker
ROOM:  N2 29
PHONE:  +49 (0)871 - 506 134
FAX:  +49 (0)871 - 506 506