The fascination of nature

Landshut University of Applied Sciences chooses winners of the "International Photo Competition"

Going out into the world, making your dreams come true and experiencing the extraordinary – that is probably the greatest wish of many students who decide to spend a semester abroad. The International Office at the Landshut University of Applied Sciences launched the "International Photo Competition" in 2019 to share these experiences with others. Students are invited to send in exceptional snapshots and breath-taking photo subjects from their time abroad.

Given the large number of entries, the jury had anything but an easy choice for its second edition. "It is always fascinating to see how much creativity our students display in selecting their subjects," explains International Office employee Julia Daschner.

The diversity of the continents

China, Bolivia and Denmark – the three winning subjects come from three continents and mainly impressed the jury with their skilful staging of the landscape. "When you look at the photo, you have the feeling that you are behind the camera yourself," says Daschner.

On the podium were Niklas Urchs with the Råbjerg Mile migrating coastal dune at the northern tip of Jutland (3rd), Franziska Schneider with the cemetery in La Paz (2nd) and Thomas Woderer (1st), who presented Hua Sha Mountain in the Chinese province of Shaanxi in a very special light.

The photo competition is intended, among other things, to encourage even more students from all the faculties at Landshut University of Applied Sciences to spend a semester abroad. Around 200 students currently decide to spend part of their studies abroad every year.

Photos: Thomas Woderer, Franziska Schneider, Niklas Urchs