Successful Start of Career Workshop Program in the Winter Semester

The workshop program organized by Hochschule Landshut's Career Service offers a series of events every semester on topics related to applications, career entry, and professional development for all students.

Last week, Ms. Jaculi from Jaculi Coaching kicked off the workshop series with the topic "My Dream Job." The trained psychotherapist and coach conducted a highly interactive and practical workshop in which students engaged in various exercises to explore themselves and their career aspirations. Formulating their individual strengths and aligning them with their career expectations and goals was one of the practical tasks. Participants concluded by sharing their insights and received valuable feedback from the coach for the future.

For the second workshop, Ms. Nadja Forster welcomed the students with an equally individualized topic titled
"Working in the Flow with Ease."

Have you ever experienced that performing the same tasks is easier and faster on some days than on others? This is because we, as humans, have cyclic patterns, making it essential to create a balance between oneself and daily life to reduce stress and live "in your own flow." The principle of Intuitive Work plays a significant role here. This means considering your own biorhythms and the quality of time alongside your actual workload. When achieved, it can enhance mental well-being, productivity, and motivation.

In the webinar, Ms. Forster encouraged students to reflect on their well-being and stress levels, providing helpful tips based on her expertise.

The workshop series will continue next week with
three events.

Monday, November 6, 2023:
Webinar with Google on "How to Use Conflicts for Constructive Collaboration"

Tuesday, November 7, 2023:
"Personal Branding & Networking" with Enterprise

Wednesday, November 8, 2023:
Workshop on "The First Six Months in the Company – Engaging with Mind and Heart" with Enders

Photo: Hochschule Landshut