Still top in teaching

The Centre for Teaching in Higher Education honours a professor at Landshut University of Applied Sciences for the first time with the “Hochschullehre Bayern” professorship award

It is with considerable enthusiasm and commitment that the lecturers at Landshut University of Applied Sciences attend the courses offered by the “Zentrum für Hochschuldidaktik” (Centre for Teaching in Higher Education) (DiZ) in Ingolstadt. The centre also confers the “Hochschullehre Bayern” certificate (Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education of the Bavarian Universities). In 120 work units, each of which lasts 45 minutes, the participants receive further training in the areas of teaching and learning concepts, presentation and communication, examination, reflection and evaluation, as well as advice and guidance.

“As in previous years, Landshut University of Applied Sciences made full of use its quota in 2020 – which was more than three times as originally planned – and is therefore in first place among all Bavarian universities,” emphasizes Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wunderlich, representative of DiZ at Landshut University of Applied Sciences.

And there was a special reason for celebration in December. With Prof. Dr. Eva Wunderer, who teaches in the Faculty of Social Work, last Friday, a Professor at the Landshut University of Applied Sciences was awarded the professional level of the Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education of the Bavarian Universities for the first time. To attain this second level, it is necessary to complete an additional 80 units. In this respect, together with an experienced coach, a course is developed further in terms of its teaching content.

The first professor at Landshut to gain the expert level

“In this context, Ms. Wunderer worked extensively on 'inverted classrooms',” explains Wunderlich. Part of her concept included specially designed materials, self-study learning videos, surveys, the use of whiteboards, and work in small groups using Etherpads. Prof. Dr. Stefan Borrmann, Dean of the Faculty of Social Work, praised Wunderer’s work: “As Dean, I am proud that a colleague in the School of Social Work has been awarded this accolade, as the first professor at the university to have received such an honour. Prof. Dr. Wunderer worked with great dedication and creativity, and invested a considerable amount of time in gaining the Profistufe.”

University President Prof. Dr. Fritz Pörnbacher also congratulated Wunderer on the successful completion of her training course and presented her the DiZ certificate together with Wunderlich: “The coronavirus has posed a significant challenge to our teaching. I am therefore very pleased that Prof. Dr. Wunderer and several other lecturers at our university are actively pursuing further training in the area of teaching.” The students in particular can benefit from this, as new teaching methods provide them with even better preparation for their future careers.

Photo: Landshut University of Applied Sciences/Thomas Kolbinger

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