Statement on the Attack on Israel

by Landshut University of Applied Sciences

Landshut University of Applied Sciences is deeply saddened by the ongoing violence and suffering caused by the recent terror attack on Israel. Our sympathies and thoughts are with the victims of this tragic conflict and their families, who endure heavy burdens during these times. We also extend our sincere condolences to all the civilians in the Gaza Strip who have been exploited by the Hamas terrorist organization as human shields.

Our urgent plea and sincere hope is for the conflict in the Middle East to be resolved peacefully. We encourage all parties involved to earnestly engage in negotiations and diplomatic solutions to bring an end to this suffering. Peaceful coexistence between Arabs and Jews is possible. "Recently, a delegation of 19 students from Hochschule Landshut visited a community in Israel during a study trip, where both Israeli and Palestinian families live harmoniously together, even running a joint school," emphasized Hochschulpräsident Prof. Dr. Fritz Pörnbacher.

Landshut Universtity of Applied Sciences firmly stands behind the principles of tolerance, diversity, and respectful interaction. Any form of hatred, intolerance, or anti-Semitism has no place within the Landshut University community or its context. Education and intercultural dialogue form the basis for understanding, peace, and cooperation within the global community, and we are committed to this cause. In light of the recent painful events in Israel, Hochschule Landshut expresses its solidarity with all those who have been unjustly placed in distress. We stand firmly by Israel's side and will continue to work for a world where peace and tolerance prevail.