Landshut students from all over the world

The University of Landshut is beginning the summer semester of 2023, and the "incomings" already have an advantage thanks to the Welcome Week.

As the new semester begins, the campus of the University of Landshut welcomes many new faces among its students. Some of them, however, already have an advantage, having started the new summer semester '23 a week and a half ago. These are, of course, our international classmates who are studying at our university for one or two semesters.

As always, the university community is happy to welcome newcomers from a diverse range of nations. Our campus life is made even more colorful by the presence of international students from Turkey, Italy, Pakistan, Jordan, Algeria, and even Ukraine (with Pakistani, Algerian, and Jordanian classmates having come from universities in Turkey and Italy). They were all warmly welcomed by President Fritz Pörnbacher and the entire International Office team a week ago on Monday.

Over the next six months, it is up to the University of Landshut and its surroundings to create a "home away from home" for these students, and to demonstrate why this campus offers the best education and quality of life. Our "incomings" can look forward to numerous events organized by the university and the city of Landshut. Not only does the university itself have a lot to offer this summer, but the Three-Helmet City is once again hosting the Landshut Wedding, a major cultural event. Our guests are sure to enjoy the live and colorful experience.

To help ease the "Lower Bavarian culture shock" at the beginning, the students were picked up over the past few days with a varied program during the Welcome Week. For example, on the first day of the orientation, there was a direct introduction to the traditional Bavarian bread and snacks, which was clearly delicious. In the following days, day trips were also taken to the Bavarian capital city of Munich, the venerable Regensburg, and of course, our hometown of Landshut itself. To ensure that the international students are familiar with the House of Bavarian History and other important places, orientation tours were also offered around the university campus and the library.

The kickoff program for the international students ended two days ago with an intercultural training, so they are now well prepared to begin the summer semester with their German classmates.