Landshut University of Applied Sciences supports civil defence

Many university employees and students are offering their own 3D printers to produce face shields

A request from civil defence is certainly anything but ordinary, but in times of an ever wider spreading corona pandemic, it is an important means of combining all the available forces. At the end of last week, an email reached the university in which the civil defence asked for help in producing 2,000 face shields. It was specifically about the required headgear, which a standard 3D printer can also produce.

University President Prof. Dr Fritz Pörnbacher and Prof. Dr Babel, responsible for the 3D printing laboratory and main contact for the Landshut-based head of civil protection Florian Stuttor, forwarded the request to the university members and all students. Both were overwhelmed by the response. "The first responses already came in shortly after the email was sent," explains Babel. The number of people willing to help rose to over 50 by Monday.

"This is really a great sign," says Pörnbacher. "It makes me really proud to see how many university members and students are participating in this relief campaign to produce parts for the face shields using their 3D printers." For Pörnbacher this commitment is also an important message to society: "We can overcome the crisis together." This is what each and every one of us at Landshut University of Applied Sciences stands for, says Pörnbacher.

LA eRacing provides three 3D printers

The student clubs are also very committed, including the LA eRacing team, for example. "Being part of this campaign goes without saying for us," explains LA eRacing chairman Kevin Kufner. "Every helping hand counts in the kind of crisis situation we have at the moment. That is why we are also happy to make our contribution to support rescue services and civil protection in their work."

LA eRacing can contribute a total of three 3D printers to the relief campaign. One comes from the club itself, the other two belong to members. "We are already making test prints and checking that all the settings fit and the components are being output correctly," says Kufner. We would like to start active production during the course of the week.

Photos: LA eRacing