Landshut University of Applied Sciences gets new laboratory building

The Free State of Bavaria is providing the construction project with five million euros in funding, ground-breaking could still take place this year

The constructive and committed collaboration between the university and the region is once again bearing fruit. If everything goes according to plan, construction of a new laboratory building will start this year. Landtag Member Helmut Radlmeier, District Councillor Martina Hammerl and the 2nd Mayor of Landshut Dr Thomas Haslinger were given an update on the situation on Friday by University President Prof. Fritz Pörnbacher. They also took the opportunity to visit the building site.

The university submitted the application for a new laboratory building last October as part of the Hightech Agenda. “We can create optimal study conditions with excellently equipped laboratories,” said Pörnbacher. Economic growth in the region will also benefit from well-trained experts. The laboratories are to be made available for practical courses as part of lectures, as well as other research activities. “Coordination for the building project in the state building authority has already been completed, and the land management procedure is currently underway,” reported the university president. “We will then be able to submit the building application, and hopefully get started breaking ground.” Support from the Free State is making this possible: the Free State is providing Landshut University of Applied Sciences with five million euros in funding for the building project.

Further strengthening Landshut as a location for a university

Technical research priorities such as autonomous driving and artificial intelligence, as well as many other areas, are strongly dependent of new laboratories. “With this new building, we are setting an important example in the Bavarian university landscape and strengthening Landshut as a university location,” said Radlmeier, who played a large part in the implementation of the building project. As a member of the state parliament and member of the Science Committee, Radlmeier had campaigned to the Science Ministry and the Minister of Science Bernd Sibler about constructing the laboratory in recent months. The second Mayor of Landshut Dr Thomas Haslinger and district councillor Martina Hammerl, who is a member of the university’s board of trustees, also promoted the project in advance. “I see great potential for our home region, especially in the fields of mathematics, informatics, science and technology,” said Haslinger. “The better established we are in terms of research and teaching at the university, the more young people we can keep in the region.” Hammerl agreed.

University President Prof. Pörnbacher thanked everyone involved for their sustained support: “It’s lovely to see everyone pulling together when it comes to the development of our region.” The university can consider itself lucky to have politics, society and the Ministry of Science – headed by the Minister of State Bernd Silber – on its side.

Photo: Landshut University of Applied Sciences/Thomas Kolbinger

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