From SZ Magazin to the university

Landshut University of Applied Sciences wins award-winning journalist as professor

Starting in the winter semester, Prof. Dr. Till Krause will join the IDS faculty as Professor of Media and Communication - and help to further develop and raise the profile of the "New Media and Intercultural Communication" degree program.

Krause is an experienced journalist, author and lecturer with more than 15 years of professional experience, including 7 years as an editor at Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin in Munich, where he most recently helped set up and managed the department for podcast and format development projects and traveled worldwide as a reporter (including the USA, UK, France, Japan, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Australia, New Caledonia).

He has received numerous awards for his research on technology, science and social issues, including the prestigious German Reporter Award, the Herbert Quandt Media Award, the Guardian Award of the Daily Press and twice the Media Award for Informatics.

"After wonderful years in the great editorial department of Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine, I am ready to pass on my passion for digital media, podcasts, journalism and storytelling to students and to teach and research at the intersection of technical and social innovations," says Krause. In the future, he will advise Süddeutsche Zeitung and SZ Magazin on the development of further serial storytelling podcasts as well as work there as a freelance author.

"We are delighted to have convinced Prof. Krause, an absolute expert, to join our fine university. Mr. Krause's award-winning skills, knowledge and human nature will add another valuable facet to the New Media and Intercultural Communication program that will set us apart from other campuses in this field. Already, I am very excited about Mr. Krause's contribution. I firmly expect that he will initiate a lot of new things. The students can really look forward to something in the positive sense," says University President Prof. Dr. Fritz Pörnbacher about the new addition to the campus.

Krause graduated from the German School of Journalism and studied theater and media studies as well as practical journalism at FAU Erlangen, LMU Munich and as a Fulbright scholar at San Francisco State University. He wrote his doctoral dissertation as a scholarship holder of the FAZIT Foundation at the International PhD Programme Literary and Cultural Studies at JLU Giessen on authentic communication in social media and its historical precursors.

Krause's research focuses on digital media literacy, podcasts, and artificial intelligence in media production, among other topics. With him, students will learn to understand digital media and how they work, as well as the role of media in society - and to apply their knowledge directly, i.e., to produce podcasts, articles and sustainable digital content themselves.

"The times for aspiring media professionals have never been more exciting - between ChatGPT, social responsibility, the digital media shift and exploding creativity," says Krause, who will also teach classic journalistic skills such as research, topic identification and storytelling. "The responsibility of media makers has become much greater in times of fake news and distrust of established media," says Krause, "I want to make students theoretically and practically fit to deal with complex digital media environments and show them how much fun it is to produce high-quality media content themselves."

He wants to use his broad network to recruit outstanding lecturers and arrange attractive internships - with the aim of inspiring and qualifying students for a career in the media.

Photo: Till Krause

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