Finally eye-to-eye again

International students from Landshut University of Applied Sciences at the official reception in Landshut town hall

After a break that lasted a year due to the coronavirus, both the city of Landshut and the University of Applied Sciences were once again able to offer a fitting welcome to the new international students. At a reception which was held in the ceremonial room of the town hall, Mayor Alexander Putz and University President Prof. Dr. Fritz Pörnbacher accorded a warm welcome to approximately 20 students who have arrived in Landshut from abroad. The students from Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Russia, Turkey and China will spend the next six to twelve months in Landshut.

After providing a brief insight into the history of the town and the events which surround the Landshuter Hochzeit (Landshut Wedding Pageant), Putz then responded to the students’ questions. Among others, the discussions covered the different German and Bavarian dialects and the high quality of life in Landshut. Pörnbacher then introduced the university and congratulated the foreign visitors on their decision to study in Landshut. He also encouraged them to get in touch with university staff right away if they should experience any difficulties adjusting to their new life or any problems. His door is also open to everyone.

The international group was clearly impressed by the setting in which they were welcomed by the Mayor of Landshut and the University President. As the event drew to a close, everyone took souvenir photos with their mobile phone, adding to their recent collection. After all, the students have been able to explore the local region over the past few weeks, with their schedule including trips to Lake Königssee, Munich and Neuschwanstein Castle.

Photos: Landshut University of Applied Sciences

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