Educators Systematically Acquire Practice-Oriented Higher Education Didactic Skills

M. Eng. Claudia Doering and Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schröter Receive Hochschullehre Bayern Certificates

Once again, the university provides evidence of the significance of outstanding teaching: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schröter from the Faculty of Computer Science and Claudia Doering, lecturer in the part-time MBA Systems and Project Management program at the Weiterbildungsakademie, were honored on November 10, 2023, for their dedication with the Hochschullehre Bayern certificate. Their success underscores the importance of high-quality didactics in teaching at Hochschule Landshut. The continuous improvement of educators' didactic skills is the primary focus.

Active Learning through Practice-Oriented Didactics

The basic idea behind didactic training is to place students' activities at the center of the learning process. Whether through observation, discussions, interactions among students and possibly educators, task or text assignments, and the use of technical devices or facilities, the goal is always the conscious exploration, learning, and understanding of content. This practice-oriented approach is primarily promoted through interactivity and provides students with an optimal learning environment in which they actively expand their knowledge.

Committed Educators Receive Recognition for Pedagogical Skills

Participation in voluntary seminars in the field of didactics is an essential part of the professional development opportunities for educators at Hochschule Landshut. Many professors at Hochschule Landshut attend these seminars at the BayZiel Didaktikzentrum and, therefore, demonstrate dedication and determination in their commitment to their students.

Both Prof. Dr. Schröter and M. Eng. Doering each attended a broad spectrum of various didactic seminars to further develop their skills and enhance their teaching methods. This intensive training led to the recognition of their achievements and the awarding of certificates. The "Hochschullehre Bayern" certificate attests to the outstanding competence of both graduates. "Ms. Doering and Mr. Schröter demonstrate high self-motivation and intrinsic motivation for the development of their pedagogical skills through the qualification measure. This is highly gratifying for us as an educational institution since the ongoing development of pedagogical professionalism ultimately benefits students through a qualified educational environment," said Vice President Prof. Dr. Silvia Dollinger enthusiastically following the certificate presentation.

Excellent Teaching as the Cornerstone of Educational Philosophy

Hochschule Landshut is delighted with the high motivation of the two certificate recipients. With their dedication, they make a significant contribution to further improving the range of courses and demonstrate the importance of excellent teaching and comprehensive learning opportunities for Hochschule Landshut. This is a fundamental pillar of its strategic orientation and its self-concept as an academic educational institution.

Photo: Hochschule Landshut
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