Conference of the Bavarian University Chancellors

Challenges, best practices and future visions for Bavarian universities were discussed at a two-day conference of university chancellors at the campus of Landshut University of Applied Sciences with the participation of Ministerialdirigent Dr. Tobias Haaf

On July 13 and 14, a two-day conference of Bavarian university chancellors was held at Landshut University of Applied Sciences. The meeting brought together those responsible for higher education management at all Bavarian universities for a fruitful exchange on current challenges, best practices and visions for the future of educational institutions. The meetings, which take place several times a year, are important for collaboration and knowledge sharing among Bavarian higher education administrators.

On the first day, the focus was on the challenges posed by the planned Temporary Academic Contracts Act, the results from the Benchmarking and Internal Audit working groups, and the further digitization of administrative processes. Other topics included the opportunities opened up by the new Bavarian Higher Education Innovation Act and the votes on the additional costs incurred in the area of energy.

In his function as Head of the Department of Universities of Applied Sciences at the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts (StMWK), Ministerialdirigent Dr. Tobias Haaf was a guest at the Chancellors' Conference on the second day. In addition to the exchange about current developments and future orientations of the universities, the focus was on the continuation of the funds of the High-Tech Agenda as well as the further development of the special module construction program and the special photovoltaics program. The strengthening of the Zukunftspakt Studium und Lehre and the shortage of skilled workers, which affects all universities, were also intensively discussed.