An eventful twelve months

Landshut University of Applied Sciences presents its 2020 Annual Report

2020: a year at Landshut University of Applied Sciences characterised by numerous events and experiences. To assimilate these things and provide the general public with a comprehensive overview, each year the university management publishes an annual report together with the press office. The most recent version of the highlights of 2020 was recently presented by University President Prof. Dr. Fritz Pörnbacher to District President and Chairman of the University Board of Trustees Rainer Haselbeck, and Ludwig Zellner, Chairman of the Friends of Landshut University of Applied Sciences.

On the Board of Trustees, a group of well-known people is dedicated to the further expansion of the university. The Friends of Landshut University of Applied Sciences supports the university in the areas of research and teaching. Developing good relations between the university and the local people of both Landshut and Lower Bavaria is an important part of the group’s founding principles. The association also focuses on developing international relations at the university. It initiates and participates in smaller and larger academic events and research projects.

An exceptional year

Haselbeck thanked the President and the Press Office for the publication of the annual report. “2020 was exceptional for Landshut University of Applied Sciences in every respect. The annual report showcases the creativity and dedication at the most popular university in Bavaria. These are also the decisive factors for our future path to success.” Ludwig Zellner agreed: “The annual report puts important events and achievements at Landshut University of University of Applied Sciences in the limelight, some of which aren’t known to the public, and brings interesting milestones of life at the university into the public awareness,” explains Zellner. This strengthens the degree to which the local people in the region of Landshut are able to identify with “their university”.

Successfully rising to the challenge of the coronavirus

The 2020 Annual Report, like so much of the past 16 months, is dominated by the coronavirus pandemic. It looks back at the impact that the pandemic has had on life at the university, which switched over completely to digital teaching in March 2020. “It has been a huge challenge for all of us,” says Pörnbacher, “and one that we have only been able to rise to successfully because everyone at the university pulled together and showed tremendous dedication.”
Zellner went on to discuss other key milestones over the past academic year. The change of office to Prof. Dr. Fritz Pörnbacher on 15 March went just as smoothly as the rotational changes in the Vice Presidency in October. “It has proven to be the case that the university’s successful track record – despite the considerable challenges of the coronavirus pandemic – continues,” said Zellner. Among others, he cited the third-party funding of 8.4 million euros and the research successes in the field of sustainability as examples. “We are very pleased that a team of researchers from the university has been granted a patent for the storage-guided system control of combined heat and power stations,” said Zellner, concluding his comments.

The contents of the annual report are divided into ten chapters – from the development of student numbers through to research projects and general campus news. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, life at Landshut University of Applied Sciences has far from stood still – on the contrary. Switching over to digital operations has made new formats such as virtual meetings and exhibitions possible.

The full annual report is available to download on the university website at

Photo: Landshut University of Applied Sciences/Thomas Kolbinger

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