Module Modern Society - Winter Term

The Sociological View on Mondern Society - Compulsory (English friendly)

LecturerProf. Dr. Clemens Dannenbeck
Type of courseLecture
ECTS credits6
SemesterWinter Semester
Admission Requirements

Compulsory subject as a basis for "Social inequality and gender relations", "Islamophobia - Research", Public health"

B2 Level of English

FormatOn Campus
  • Why is it useful and necessary for Social Workers to think in a sociological way? We do not think and act just as individuals, but as members of society.
  • Being socialized, educated and enculturated in a modern world gives us an idea of freedom but in the same moment also an idea of dependency
  • Analysing society is necessary to both understanding the dynamic processes of social change and questioning it´s inescapability