Student Fee

Student Union Fee

The Studentenwerk contribution must be paid in all degree programs. The university passes on this contribution in full to the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz.  

Please submit applications for reimbursement of the Studentenwerk contribution by e-mail to studienbeitrag(at)

Here you can find the appropriate form: Refund Form

Each semester, upon enrollment or re-registration, a contribution for the general services of the Studentenwerk must be paid, the respective amount of which is determined by legal ordinance. Starting with the winter semester 2023/24, the fee will be 108,- Euro. An exemption is not possible in any case. This consists of the student union fee of 72,00 Euro and the semester ticket (bus ticket) of 36,00 Euro. The ticket is valid for the duration of an entire semester, including semester breaks, and entitles the holder to use the bus routes in the entire city of Landshut, in the municipality of Kumhausen, in Markt Altdorf and Markt Ergolding as often as desired.


Students must re-register for further studies in due form and time for each semester (re-registration) Art. 48 para. 1 BayHSchG.Re-registration is done by transferring the student union fee (108,00€). 

The 108,00€ student union fee must be paid in the first week of summer / winter semester in order to successfully enroll/re-register. The payment must be done by online bank transfer, through the PRIMUSS portal.

Just in exceptional cases, the payment can be made via direct transfer to the following bank account:

    Staatsoberkasse Bavaria HS Landshut

    IBAN: DE74 7005 0000 1101 1903 15


Please indicate the following as the reason for payment:Matriculation Number + Student's Last Name + Student's First name - and make sure to write it in this order.


The student ID card must be revalidated at one of the validation stations after receipt of the student union fee. The enrollment certificates for the summer semester can also be printed in the self-service portal only after receipt of payment.