International Faculty Coordinators and Course selection

The course selection must be recognised by the home university (international representative and examination board) before the stay abroad so that you can receive credits for your studies abroad.

Please make your course selection (the so-called Learning Agreement lists the courses you will take at the host/partner university) after you have registered and uploaded your application documents in Mobility Online. The Learning Agreement generated in the system will be sent to your international representative / your examination board of the faculty.

To help you, we provide you with a personal recognition guideline in the Mobility Online system. Please use this!

One last note on changing courses abroad: If it turns out when you start your studies abroad that a course cannot take place (too few participants, illness of the lecturer, etc.), you must immediately look for a replacement course, which in turn must be recognised by your home university. Please also fill in the amended Learning Agreement in the Mobility Online System, then it will be automatically forwarded to all parties involved again.

For advice on course selection, please contact the relevant international representative(s) in your faculty:

Business Administration / International Business

General Management: Prof. Dr. Alexander Kumpf

Country Coordinator:

UK: Prof. Dr. Sandra Gronover

Spain : Prof. Dr. Thomas Zinser

USA: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Jaeger

France:  Prof. Dr. Manuel Strunz

Ireland: Prof. Dr. Marcus Fischer

Scandinava: Prof. Dr. Alexander Kumpf 

Electrical- and (int.) Industrial Engineering

General Management: Prof. Dr. Christian Faber

Eastern Europe: Prof. Dr. Artem Ivanov (Osteuropa)

Western Europe: Prof. Dr. Carl-Gustav Kligge (Westeuropa)

China: Prof. Dr. Mathias Rausch

Other Regions: Prof. Dr. Christian Faber 

Computer Science:

Prof. Dr. Dieter Nazareth

Mechanical Engineering:

Prof. Dr. Barbara Höling 

Social Work / Children- and Youth Care:

Prof. Dr. Daniel Houben

Interdisciplinary Studies :

Prof. Dr. Maja Jerrentrup