Financing a Stay Abroad

There are various funding opportunities for studying abroad that can be applied for via Mobility Online as part of the study place application process.



Funding Opportunities - Application via International Office

Erasmus+ Study (Europe)

Erasmus+ Study (Europe)

Students who study abroad at a European ERASMUS Partner university can receive funding from the EU.

The application for an ERASMUS grant is already completed with the successful application for a study place via Mobility Online and the allocation of an ERASMUS place by us at an ERASMUS partner university.

The most important facts about ERASMUS funding at a glance:

  • Exemption from tuition fees at the partner university
  • Academic recognition of academic achievements abroad
  • Support with language preparation for the stay abroad

ERASMUS+ scholarship/mobility grant:

Monthly ERASMUS + funding provided on the basis of country rates with three country groups. These are as follows:

Group 1: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden. -> 600€ per month

Group 2: Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus-> 540€ per month

Group 3: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey -> 490€ per month

Application deadlines can be found on our application page.

Funding period and payment

The terms and conditions of funding are documented in a grant agreement.

  • Minimum duration of funding: 2 months / 60 days
  • Payment of the grant (to the day after completion of the mobility) in 2 instalments
  • first instalment before the start of studies at the partner university
  • second instalment after "Confirmation of Stay" by partner university

Possibilities of additional funding: (please note that we grant a maximum of one additional funding / one so-called Top Up)

Additional funding for sustainable travel (Green Travel Top Up)

Participating students can receive a one-time Top Up of 50 EUR per mobility for sustainable travel. In addition, they have the possibility to claim up to 4 additional travel days as stay days. "Green Travel" is defined as travel in which the following means of transport are used for the main part of the journey (proof required!):

  • Bus
  • Carpooling in a car
  • Train
  • Other sustainable means of transport (e.g. bicycle)

Additional funding for participants with fewer opportunities (Social Top Up)

Participating students who meet at least one of the eligibility criteria described below can receive an additional grant of 250 EUR/month for Social Participation (Social TOP- UP):

Working students

Employment subject to social security contributions must have been pursued for at least 6 months. The monthly income during the minimum period is above 450 EUR and below 850 EUR net. The employment in Germany is not continued during the stay abroad. Termination of employment is not a prerequisite; the employment contract can also be paused.

First-time academics (students from a non-academic parental home)

Both parents or caregivers do not hold a degree from a university, university of applied sciences, university of cooperative education in Germany or abroad.

Students with child(ren)

At least one of their own children must be taken along during the entire stay abroad. Funding is also possible if the partner travels with the student; double funding of the child must be ruled out. 

Students with a chronic illness:

There is a chronic illness that causes additional financial needs abroad.

Students with disabilities

There is a disability with a degree of disability of 20 or more.

PROMOS (outside Europe)

Students whose study or internship abroad cannot be covered by the ERASMUS programme have the possibility to submit a PROMOS application. This programme can be used to support study and practical training periods as well as short stays such as language courses and summer schools of students worldwide by means of partial scholarships, flat-rate travel expenses and course fees.

PROMOS applications
for study abroad can be submitted via Mobility Online as part of the application process for a study place.

Bavarian State Ministry

In order to promote the internationalization of Bavarian universities and the mobility of students, the Bavarian State Ministry for Education, Culture, Science and Arts has made available funding for study and internships abroad, which can be granted upon application by outgoing students (as an alternative to PROMOS or ERASMUS) or foreign students (incoming students).

The respective funding is dependent on the total amount of funding provided annually to Landshut University of Applied Sciences and can therefore vary considerably.

Grant applications for study abroad can be submitted via Mobility Online as part of the application process.



Selection Process

The following process applies to study abroad visits at partner universities (ERASMUS+ and worldwide):

If you are applying to one of our partner universities, you can apply for PROMOS scholarships, grants from the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Research or ERASMUS+ simply by applying online via Mobility ONLINE. The application is then processed in the workflow after you have provided us with all the necessary documents.

If the allocated funds are exhausted, only stays without financial support can be granted.

The selection for the scholarships, which are directly administered at the university (ERASMUS/PROMOS/StaMi), will be made according to the following principles:

  • transparent application procedure
  • qualitative selection procedure (selection via university management and International Office)
  • Information and advice on applications and possible funding levels
  • non-discriminatory selection (within the meaning of the AGG). ERASMUS+funding promotes equal opportunities and inclusion. Access to the ERASMUS+ programme is made easier for learners from disadvantaged backgrounds and with special needs. StaMi funding considers the indigence of applicants.
  • Selection on the basis of the following objective, performance-related criteria
    • Study performance and progress
    • Relevance of the stay abraod
    • Language skills
    • ERAMUS studies only: at least 1 completed academic year
    • Only for ERAMUS: compulsory ONLINE language test
    • Only for StaMi - applications: Annual income (incl. parental support) on average max. 15,000 euros before the stay
    • Only for StaMI - indigence
  • You get information about the decision as early as possible (usually in the summer semester in February and in the winter semester in mid-July).

Immediately after completion of the measure, all grant beneficiaries are required to submit a report of at least 1 page to the International Office or upload it to Mobility ONLINE at the end of their stay abroad.

ERASMUS+ participants will also receive an ONLINE link from the DAAD to a questionnaire from the DAAD as well as to a second mandatory ONLINE language test. Please note that the reports must be prepared in order to receive the total funding!

For further questions please contact the International Office.

Important information:

Special funding for participants with disabilities and for students with children is available in ERASMUS upon prior notification to the International Office (N0 03, Mrs. Kilb).

For special support for disabled students, you can also obtain useful information from the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education:

Special funding for students with children as a lump sum: Students who take their child/children with them to an ERASMUS+ study visit in a programme country and are single parents there during the ERASMUS+ mobility period can receive special funding as a lump sum. The maximum monthly funding amount is determined by the country groups.

Financial support from other sponsors

Bavarian University Centres

DAAD - other Funding options

The DAAD is the organization in Germany that awards the most scholarships.

Requirements are a stay abroad during the main study period and above-average grades. Please note the application deadlines on the website of the German Academic Exchange Service or under the scholarship database with more than 200 programmes:

Universities of Applied Sciences Go International


Programme objective

The practice-oriented studies at universities of applied sciences and universities of applied sciences (HAW/FH) are highly regarded in Germany and the world. The DAAD supports HAW/FH students during their stays abroad and the universities in cooperation projects with international partners. More information about the entire HAW.International programme initiative is available at

Students in Bachelor, Master and Diploma programmes at German HAW/FH receive scholarships in this programme for a stay abroad as part of their studies or final thesis.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to students of all disciplines in Bachelor, Master and Diploma programmes at German HAW/FH. Under certain conditions, people with foreign citizenship can also apply: Further Information

What is being funded?

Funding is provided for study visits and stays abroad as part of a final thesis.

Application deadlines

30 June for scholarships starting between November and February
31 October for scholarships starting between March and June
1 March for scholarships starting between July and October

Duration of Funding

The duration of the support varies according to the type of stay:

  • Study stays 3 to 6 months
  • Stays within the scope of final theses 1 to 6 months.

Scholarship benefits

The scholarship includes the following benefits:

  • a monthly scholarship installment determined by the host country,-travel allowance, the amount of which varies according to the host country,
  • services for health, accident and personal liability insurance,
  • for study trips: Grant for tuition fees, if applicable, up to a maximum amount (depending on the country of destination),
  • for graduate work: Grant for travel in the host country directly related to the Project.

Funding for Study Abroad in Australia / New Zealand

Let us include you in our support programme! You will be eligible for many benefits, including our Down Under Study Grant and access to all scholarships from Australian and New Zealand universities.

Save 10% on tuition fees with the Down Under Study Grant

Application deadline: automatically with university place application
Funding amount: 10% of the tuition fees for one semester

All study programmes - guest semester, Bachelor, Master, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, PhD at all universities in Down Under where international tuition fees are charged are supported.
It closes the gap to Bafög, DAAD or other funding in many cases.

Full scholarships
Application deadline: 1 December / 1 May of each year
Scholarship amount: Tuition fees 1 semester
Performance-related: very good grade point average Prerequisite

Travel allowance
Application deadline: automatically with university place application
Grant amount: maximum EUR 1,000 each - Prize draw

Further funding
- Advice, planning, information on all questions about studying in Australia and New Zealand
- Application management, coaching, assistance in the preparation of your studies in Down Under

Institute Ranke Heinemann
International Study and Support Centre
Berlin - Hamburg - Essen - Munich - Vienna

Further Options

Study Foundation Ranke-Heinemann Institute (Australia)

The Ranke-Heinemann Institute is a central institution for all Australian and New Zealand universities in Germany. Here you can find the funding for Australian and New Zealand stays. Applications start about 1 year in advance in mid-January. The requirements are similar to Fulbright:

GOstralia! (Australia/New Zealand)

GOstralia! is the official representative of Australian and New Zealand universities in Germany and specialises in placing students from Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland in Australia and also offers scholarships.

More funding options: